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Broken Phone? Don’t Despair...

It’s no secret that nowadays we’re all far too attached to our smartphones, but how can we not be when smartphones and their innovative technology make our daily lives so much easier. With that in mind there’s nothing worse than when your phone stops working, gets lost or stolen or, god forbid, you accidently break it without any insurance.

Luckily Fonehouse, one of the UK’s leading mobile phone retailers, have some amazing SIM free deals available and, best of all, they all come with fantastic next working day delivery at no extra cost!

That means that you could get your hands on the latest Huawei P Smart the day after you order it! The P Smart has been hailed as one of the best budget smartphones of 2018, thanks to a SIM free price tag of £229. With a 5.65 inch screen, a 1080×2160 high resolution display and top of the range specifications such as dual rear cameras, fingerprint scanner and innovative hand-gesture technology to allow ‘hands free selfies’, the P Smart makes a fantastic handset to invest in if you’re after a smartphone that will arrive quickly and doesn’t have a price tag that’s too scary.

However if you’ve got a little more in the bank and you’re after a phone that really will stun and astonish, then you really only have one choice. The iPhone X was released in late 2017 to rave reviews. With an ultra powerful Apple designed chip, facial recognition and a 12MP wide angle camera that produces absolutely beautiful photographs, the iPhone X really set the precedent for what people now expect from high end smartphones. You can get the SIM free iPhone X for just £999 at Fonehouse and, you guessed it, if you order today then you can expect your new iPhone to arrive the very next working day!

The best thing about investing in a fantastic SIM free deal with Fonehouse is that you can pay your one off payment for your brand new handset, and then choose an amazing value SIM only deal to go with your new phone. You could choose a 12 Month SIM only deal from 3 with unlimited data and £60 cashback! Or if you’re all about taking advantage of free perks, why not pick an EE or Vodafone SIM card with a brilliant entertainment package to go alongside. Plus once you’ve chosen your SIM you can rest assured you’ll receive it the next day too!

So if you are one of the unlucky ones and you find yourself inconveniently without your trusty smartphone for whatever reason, don’t despair, Fonehouse are here to provide you with fantastic SIM free and SIM only deals that you’ll get to enjoy the very next day!


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